Sunday, August 22, 2010

September Book Ban - An Extension of my "Read What I Own" Challenge

As you may be aware, I have 211 books on my shelves that I have not yet read. And I have #212, a review copy of The Reapers Are The Angels on its way to me. Hopefully it will arrive before September 1st, as I am joining A Girl Reads a Book's Bella and The Crafty Reader's Jackie (and more, I'm sure), in a ban on new book acquisitions for the month of September.

Now... It's true that I haven't purchased a book in a while. But I have been receiving books for review, which is not helping to chisel away at Mt. To-Be-Read. Not that I'm complaining, of course. Receiving ARCs for review is like the highlight of my life. (Ok, that seems pretty sad, but still.)

ANYWHO... My point is that I need to read what I have. I've set up my own independent reading challenge here to help, and now I'm joining forces with others to spur myself to victory!

So here are my rules:
  1. No purchasing of any new or used books for any reason. 
  2. No using the free credit I have on GR Swap. Not even for wishlist books.
  3. No visiting the library. 
  4. No signing up for new review copy books or ARC tours.
  5. No loaner books, trades, swaps, BookMooch, PaperbackSwap, SwapTree, BookCrossing or other free books, including abandoned and/or homeless books that I may feel sorry for and want to give a loving home to.

But this will be hard for me. Why? Because my birthday is in September. My birthday, where without fail, everyone who a) knows me, and b) cares it's my birthday, and c) spends money to honor this day for me will inevitably give me a B&N gift card. And probably cake. Yum.

I love my friends and family. I do. They are awesome. But this will be a hard temptation to overcome. My goal is to make it through September without using any of the giftcards, which is probably doable because my birthday is on the 24th, so it's only a week.

Then, perhaps I will splurge on a nook with them. :D



  1. Go Becky Go! *gets pom poms out*

    Hehe mine is, well will soon be standing at 436. I have a problem, indeed.

  2. Wow... Good luck! I think the only one of those I would be capable of actually sticking to is the no buying books. And even then...

  3. I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award @


  4. Wow...I hope you can stick to it...I really should do something like this as well as the towering piles of unread books around here is getting slightly ridiculous. I haven't bought anything for quite some time, but I can't seem to stop visiting the library and accepting ARCs for review :)