Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm SAD... Help Me Move Back To Where It's Warm And Sunny!

So... I'm sure that anyone looking at my blog is wondering what the heck is going on with the Big Red Box over there... -->

Well, just lately, I've been really blahsome, not doing anything, staying home and just generally being... well not unhappy exactly, but that's part of it. I'm tired of winters that drag on for 6 months, and I'm tired of PA's 3 seasons (Fall, Winter, Construction), and I'm tired of swerving around potholes like I'm drunk to avoid the worst of the broken rims and alignment issues. It's been worse lately. I actually feel like I've had a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I'm tired all the time and never want to do anything. No energy, no motivation, just... blahsome. I'm just... in need of a change.

And lately, everything has been making me miss the south... Jen over at The Introverted Reader is doing a Southern Reading Challenge; and my Historical Fictionistas group on Goodreads is reading Cold Sassy Tree set in Georgia; and Flowers in the Attic, which I just read, features Virginia and Florida; and at work one of the Market Managers for South Florida told me I should come visit; and then I saw that my best friend from Florida is pregnant... on and on... So many things just nudging me to make a change. 

So... My boyfriend and I decided that we'd go for it. Move south. I am really nervous and scared, because it means leaving my mom, and my friends and my mostly secure job (in a bad economy) for an unknown.

It will be a while (at least a year) before we actually get things together enough to move, but I figured since I'm throwing caution to the winds just by deciding to go in the first place, might as well do the thing properly and beg too. LOL... I will be scrimping and scrounging and saving every penny I can... Looking under all couch cushions for loose change and selling everything that isn't nailed down.

The selling thing brings me back to why I write this blog, and because I don't actually like begging for money,  here's an incentive: Books. The purge begins. I will be posting a list of the books that I'm getting rid of at some point tomorrow. There will be lots. Most of them used, some new.

If you donate $10 or more to my cause, I will ship you a book from the list. First come first serve. Donate, then email me at with your book preference and address (US only please - sorry International people) and I will ship you your choice (or a replacement if that's not available.)

Good luck to me! :D

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