Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Wooo!!! So, tomorrow's the day peeps! I'm leaving Pennsylvania behind and flying off into the sunset... literally! Tomorrow, I fly to San Francisco for my brother's wedding/my VERY MUCH NEEDED AND WELL DESERVED vacation.

I will have my laptop, but may not post all that much since this is supposed to be my chance to be all touristy and stuff. I've been to San Francisco before, and I love it. I will try to take tons of pics with which to regale you all upon my reluctant return to normal 9-5 life. *sigh*

I have received my very first Star Book Tours ARC in the mail today -- JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME! I hadn't expected it anything LIKE this fast! But I am SUPER excited about reading it. It's the very one I was most anxious for! Look!!

So now I know what I will be reading on the plane! :D

For those of you anxious about potentially neglected felines, fear not, The Boy will be staying home to take care of the kids. The poor cats are just about melting in the heat, as you can see... And Alfie, the white & black one, has urinary tract problems, and we can't just plop a big bag of dry food in the middle of the floor and let them go at it when they get hungry. (That's a joke.) But really, dry food's ash content is too high. So one of us parents have got to be responsible and make sure our little ones are well tended with the proper diet to keep our furry monsters feeling up to fluff... :)

I will miss them. I wonder if they'll notice I'm gone... ? =\


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  2. Enjoy the book and the vacation!

  3. I love San Francisco! So awesome. Be sure to go to Alcatraz! Its really freaky, though.
    I am Number Four looks amazing. Its movie rights have already been bought, I think. Hasn't it been partially casted?

  4. Thanks Janet! :)

    Anne, I'm not sure about the movie - I don't usually follow that stuff, but I wouldn't be surprised! They are getting SO FAST though! The book isn't even OUT yet! O_O LOL

    We are going to Alcatraz Thursday - tickets purchased and tour planned. I. Cannot. Wait!! :D

  5. Hey! I live around in San Francisco, and I'm glad you'll go to Alcatraz. I recently went to its Night Tour -- even creepier!!

    Golden Gate Park.. Twin Peaks.. Chrissy Fields.. you won't regret it ;) Have an awesome time.

  6. Thanks Jillian! We wanted to go to the night tour, but it was already sold out... and we tried to get tickets a month ago! :(

    Oh well... I'm still super excited though!