Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hey there cutie... How YOU doin'?

Yup. A book's cover is basically its pick-up line.

I ♥ bookcovers. I'm not even gonna lie and say I don't "judge" a book by them. I do. Absolutely. If a bookcover doesn't appeal to me, I'm much less likely to pick the book up. I won't say that that's the only criteria that determines whether I will read a book... but that's the first thing I see, so it's a vital part of getting a book into my hands.

Here are 10 unread books that I either bought or added to my To Read mountain based on their covers:

1. Avempartha - I admit it, I love this cover. Apparently the author painted the covers for his series himself, which is extra cool. I wasn't too impressed by the first in the series (this is the 2nd), but it has potential.
2. The Kommandant's Girl - I like the perspective of this cover... the fogginess makes me wonder where she's going, and what she'll find when she gets there.
3. The Prophecy of the Sisters - I kind of have a thing with twins, and I love statues, especially cemetery statues. This cover is a little creepy, and I like that.
4. Still Alice - This is the "brightest" of the covers that I chose, but it really drew me to it. I love the ethereal butterfly thing going on there, and how "clean" it is.
5. The Girl With The Glass Feet - I really like this one. The flowers and the rough edges and the silhouettes all appeal to me.

6. Living Dead Girl - I really like this cover. There's something about the perspective of standing over a discarded dress that just screams "Loss of innocence!" I love the colors and the leaves and the dress still being clean... It says a lot, this one.
7. The Years of Magic - I really love the darkness of this one. The story itself sounds iffy, but the cover is gorgeous. I love the big full moon, the gates, the path. I want to walk that path.
8. Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter - I like the sense of size in this one. The two huge trees, the big open sky, and these two boys in between... running or playing?
9. Water Marked - I love the yellow-green look of this one, and how it looks watermarked and blurry... It makes me wonder who the woman is and why she's been smudged out...
10. The Woman In Black - I love the vintage look of this cover, and the posture of the woman, as if she's trudging along somewhere she'd rather not go. I love the colors as well. It's just beautiful.

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  1. The Commandant's Girl, The Prophecy of the Sisters, and The Years of Magic work best for me. TPOTS reminds me of the cover for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which is a famous bookcover.

  2. Nice post! Anybody who says they don't judge books by their cover is either lying or blind.

  3. Thanks all! :)
    Richard, before I decided to do an "unread books I picked up because of their covers" post, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was definitely going to be on my list.

    I LOVE that cover. I love Savannah, and the South, and I miss it. I really want to go back one day. *sigh*

  4. It's really cool that the "Avempartha" author paints the covers himself.

    I haven't read any of these books, but I feel like I have a sense of what kind of books you like just from the covers.