Thursday, March 8, 2012

MUST... NOT... READ.... THE SHINY!! (Yet)

Yeah... it's just like that.

I should be reading... I have four books going right now. I should be powering through them. They are GOOD books, dammit! But no. Instead, I avoid reading by looking at shiny things...

Better known as volumes 5, 6, 7 & 8 of Stephen King's Dark Tower graphic novel series.

So far, I have been strong. So far, these four are still shrink-wrapped, still on my shelf, still untouched. But my treacherous brain keeps whispering, "They are so short... think how quickly you'd get through one. No time at all! You are just goofing off on Goodreads right now anyway... Couldn't you be productively reading one of those volumes? It's Daaaaark Toooooowwwweeeerrrrr...."

Jerk. I know all that. But if I read one, I'll read the next, and the next and the next... and then my other books will never get finished.


Maybe I should put them in the freezer. O_o


  1. I've never read King's books. I know that makes me way behind the times. Maybe someday.

  2. Stephen King is my favorite. These are graphic novels based on his Dark Tower series, which is fantastic.

  3. I just put these on hold at the library!!! I used to buy the comics every time they came out. But then got behind going to the comic book store so then I started buying the collected series and then got behind on that too! So I just reserved all the DT comics and all the Stand comics!! You should just crack them open... they are short reads!!!

    your co-mod, Angie