Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Found a Website Today... And It Is Made of Awesome

So, by some magical combination of luck, and karma and supercoolity (that last is my contribution), I learned of this site yesterday. I ♥ it already! So, I'm spreading the word in case there are others who haven't yet discovered this site.

We Give Books is a website where you can read various children's books online, for FREE, and simply by doing so, a book will be donated to promote literacy.

Can I just stress how awesome this is?

THIS IS AWESOME. You can read a cute picture book, click a button, and donate a book to a literacy program. And it costs you nothing but a little bit of your time.

Even if you're not a children's book reader, anyone reading this blog right now should be SQUEEing all over the place at how ridiculously, amazingly simple We Give Books makes it to put books into the hands of kids all over the world.

We Give Books has different campaigns with donation goals. You can choose any of these to support, and change them at any time. Their current list of campaigns include:
- Read For Central America (Goal: 30,000 books)
- Todos a Leer (Goal 20,000 books)
- Room To Read (Goal: 25,000 books)
- World Vision (Goal 60,000 books)
- Out of the Blocks (Goal 20,000 books)

 You can re-read books as many times as you like while they are available, and donate a new book with each read through. This is especially awesome to me, because I totally love re-reading, and I envision parents interacting with their kids by reading them a favorite story online, while at the same time teaching them both the joy of reading and the joy of doing something to help someone else. It makes me smile. :D <--- See?

Yesterday, I read and donated three books on We Give Books. Not counting review time, that's barely 15 minutes of my day.

Here are the books I read already:

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