Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jane In June Twitter Fanfic Fun!

Short post before bed regarding Misty's Jane in June Twitter Fanfic... Just do this. It's fun and creative and quick! Kudos to Punny Girl for thinking it up. :) Object of the game: Post a Jane related Tweet in under 140 characters. According to Misty, "They can be silly, serious, the ultimate Cliffs Notes, a little poem -- whatever, as long as it's Jane-like and 140 characters or less." @DarlingMisty with a #JaneinJune heads up first so she knows to watch for it! Here's mine: "Dearest Anne, I cannot stay silent! / Oh, Cpt. Wentworth, I had regrets but could not speak! Misunderstanding keep us apart no longer!" Really, just do it. It's funtastic! :) And if you're not already on Twitter, you can leave it in Misty's comments here. G'night!