Monday, June 14, 2010

My Very First Blog Award!

Wow! My very first blog award! I feel so honored... Thank you so much to Alison at Alison Can Read for giving me this award!

Here's how the Versatile Blogger Award works:
  • Thank and link back to the award giver.
  • List 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers you've recently discovered, and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason.
  • Notify the bloggers and let them know they've been awarded!
So here are 7 random facts about me you oughtta know:
  1. Stephen King is my all-time, incomparable, never-to-be-dethroned favorite author.
  2. I have dislocated my right thumb twice in my life. The first time was after playing catch with a bowling ball when I was 4. But I have never broken a bone.
  3. I have a fascination with gut-wrenching books, as long as they are honest. I love stepping into another's life, even if it's painful, and a good cry is cleansing and refreshing to me.
  4. I own 3 TVs and only turn any of them on to watch 'So You Think You Can Dance'.
  5. I have 9 tattoos - 2 of which are related to Stephen King books.
  6. I have a too-sarcastic sense of humor, and I tend to end up saying the exact wrong thing in a serious situation. =\
  7. And finally, I'm the most anti-social, homebody, nose-in-a-book Libra I know.
Whew... I feel like we really, really know each other now. If that was awkward, I'm sorry, and see #6. *blush* So! On to my choice of 15 bloggers to award. This was difficult for me, because there are so many blogs out there that are deserving, and so many blogs that I have recently discovered, as a new blogger, that aren't new at all in the blogosphere. Nerve-wracking! (I should probably add a #8 to my list above and say that I have a kind of naturally pessimistic side, and tend to make things harder on myself than necessary. =\ Oopsie...) In the end, I picked a majority of new blogs that are great and deserve some recognition, and a few more established blogs that I think people would do well to read. Anyway, here are my choices, in no particular order, and without further blabbing from me. Maybe. :)
  1. Books & Marriage Go Ill Together
  2. Basically Amazing Blog
  3. This Miss Loves To Read
  4. BLKosiner's Blog
  5. KDK Book Love
  6. Stuff and Nonsense
  7. Literary Magic
  8. Book Nazi Blog
  9. Fallen For Books
  10. TNBBC Blog
  11. The Book Coop
  12. Good Books and Wine
  13. A Trillian Books
  14. The Introverted Reader
  15. The Allure of Books

There you have it. Thanks again to Alison for recognizing my blog! I really appreciate it! :D


  1. Thank you, Becky. In all my years of blogging, I've never before won an award!

  2. You're more than welcome! :)

  3. Thanks Becky! That just totally made my day!

  4. I've actually never read a Stephen King book :-) But I'm not a horror fan. Do you have any you'd recommend to someone who doesn't like horror?

  5. Thanks for returning the award!! You're doing such a great job with your blog!

  6. Alison, for someone who doesn't like horror, I'd say probably "The Eyes of the Dragon" which is a semi-YA fantasy book that he wrote for his daughter, or "Dolores Claiborne" which is a non-supernatural kind of suspense book, but not horror, or "The Green Mile" which is a little supernatural, but not horror... It IS sad though. Or, I could definitely recommend "Different Seasons" which is a book of four novellas, and they are AMAZING, and sometimes disturbing, but not horror. :)

    (Get me going about King and I could go on for days!) LOL

  7. Thank you Lori!! Such a compliment! :D

  8. Ashley, You're welcome! Happy I could pass on the bliss! ;)

  9. Thank you so much Becky!! It means a lot you noticed my blog and awarded me!

  10. Thank you so much, Becky!!! I'm happy about the award! Also, very cool 7 facts about you!

  11. Becky, that was so sweet! You just totally made my day! I love ETB, and your list already has me thinking of things to share... Have a great morning!

  12. Awww, thanks so much, Becky! Yay for Stephen King love. :-)