Monday, September 6, 2010

Read-A-Thon Final Tally

I have a little bit of a headache, so I'm ending my Read-A-Thon a little early to head to bed. Here's the final tally of what I read:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - 768 pages (started on page 150)
Pages read: 618

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 831 pages
Pages read: 831

The Haunting of Hill House - 246 pages
Pages read: 246

Gunpowder - 81 pages
Pages read: 81

Angels, Sinners & Demons - 183 pages
Pages read: 29

Total Books Attempted: 5
Total Pages Read: 1805

Not too shabby! For those of you who participated with me, what were you able to squeeze in? :)


  1. Wow! Awesome job, Becky! I didn't even come close to your page count. (no surprise there) I've still got some reading to do tonight so I'll give you my meager little tally in the AM. :)

  2. Ech, I didn't do so well. I finished 2, which is pretty lame since they weren't hard or long books to read.

  3. That's OK... the point is that you participated and kept me company! :D

  4. I read Phantom of the Opera (264 pages) and started on Kiss of Shadows for Smut-tember (80 pages). Oh, and also read some of The Capture (44 pages) with my son.

    Total pages: 388

    Wish I could have squeezed in more! Maybe next time... :)