Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My New Reading Room... err... Bedroom.

I do the majority of my reading in the bedroom. The living room is the Boy's domain... where he does his art, and whatever else it is that boys do. I do have a nice sunny chair in the extra bedroom, but I don't like to read in there very much... I like to sprawl out on the bed and read.

The problem is that my new(ish) downstairs neighbors like to have parties... a LOT... and they like to have these parties in the room directly below my quiet bedroom sanctuary. Unfortunately, it was too much of a distraction for me (seriously... it sounds like they play circus jug-band music every day... I couldn't take it anymore!), and so my boyfriend and I decided that the living room and the bedroom should swap places, because it doesn't bother him.

So we did... This has been a work in progress for 4 days now, and I've finally gotten things how I want them.

And it's nice and quiet and peaceful. *contented sigh*

Pictures below! Read on!

(Fair warning: We REALLY need to paint! That's another project for another day though. LOL)

Hastily made bed (Ehh... I'm lazy. LOL), and the Ikea bookcase that is now a kind of barrier/bedside table/shelving unit:

The bookcase that is now at the end of the bed... and crammed full of books!

Closer shots:

The shelves between the windows & in the background is the collage art I made forever ago out of dream cards:

Computer zone:

Another bookcase... this one containing my Stephen King books and miscellaneous others...

Closer shots of the King bookcase:

Another shot of the set up, with the stereo, DVD/R and Blue Buddha:

One of the buffer shelves, with the cat and the bathroom. So... you know, if you come to visit, now you know where it is. ;)

Closer shots of the buffer-case. This is what is directly to the right as you enter the room:

Got a little duplication going on there... but it was hard to get decent pics with limited space. And that's catnip in the jar. Really... I can quit whenever I want. O_o

Anyway, there you have it. My new haven. I love it. :D


  1. You have a copy of Lorna Doone! We should read that together one of these days (months) too.

    I love all your Harry Potters and Stephen Kings and everything else....nice organization :)

    also: way to keep those plants alive! (even if it is boy's job)

  2. Very nice! Love your bedspread. It's so funny that I have the same lamp in my bedroom. I actually took it out the box and set it up yesterday. I moved the one I had in there to my reading room.

  3. I love it, Becks! Now to send you a few more... :-D

  4. Good job on the DIY home improvement! Your room looked so much better now than before. I hope I could pull off my project for my chico california apartments.